About ISB

ISB: the Institute for Sport Management and Recreation Policy

The ISB institute is a membership association and knowledge centre, concerning the management of sport, physical activity and recreation at a local and regional level.


Its members consist of more than 295 local authorities for sport and physical activity from the 308 cities and municipalities in Flanders (Belgium).


The ISB institute is an NGO.

Our mission

The ISB institute is specialised in local and regional sport and recreation policy and management. Its 2 main roles are to act for the benefit of its members, as a representative, and to serve as a knowledge centre.


The ISB institute provides sustainable education and training. It is a forum for cross-fertilization and a spearhead for innovation.


The ISB institute functions bottom-up, inspired by its members in a variety of colleague-groups, with a team of over 10 professional staff members. It is an independent interlocutor with the Flemish/Belgian government and other authorities.


It collaborates extensively with other actors in the field of sport and recreation, such as private companies, research institutes and the media.


Grassroots sport is at the centre of the goals and activities of the ISB institute.

Our members

The ISB is a membership association and a network organisation for local and regional sport service administrators, sport councils, community services, sport infrastructure trustees, public swimming pools and recreation centres.


These members represent more than 295 local authorities for sport and physical activity from the 308 cities and municipalities in Flanders/Belgium. The ISB is also active in de the Brussels-Capital Region.


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Sport in Belgium

Sport in Belgium is a regional matter and is a competence of the three institutional communities: the Flemish, French and German-speaking Community. As such, each of these communities has its own legislation, regulations, budget, umbrella organisation for the sports federations, minister, ministry of sport etcetera. 


2 predominant actors for the organised sport in Flanders are the ISB institute and the Flemish Sports Federation (in Dutch: Vlaamse Sportfederatie - abbreviated: VSF) which is the umbrella organisation of the sports federations in the Flemish Community.


The ‘Agentschap Sport Vlaanderen’ is the agency on sports of the Flemish government.

Thematic focuses

Interlocutor for its members and protector of their interests

By sharing its expertise and by acting as a platform, ISB positively stimulates sport policy making for the benefit of its members in Flanders/Belgium.


Bringing people together

Aldermen for sport, local authority sports leaders and civil servants, sport infrastructure and recreation centre trustees regularly get in contact with each other within the ISB-network. They interchange knowledge and expertise among each other as well as with private companies which deliver infrastructures, goods and services to them.

Knowledge centre and provider of education and training

The ISB institute has a variety of information channels: this website, a biweekly newsletter, a bimonthly magazine, trainings and seminars on a broad range of topics and in a variety of formats, an annual convention with over 40 speakers. The ISB staff members also serve as a help desk the local actors on sport and recreation. Local actors involved with sport and recreation can as well obtain specific client-orientated information from the ISB. The ISB contributes to policy creation by (co-)funding studies and research.

Specific services

The ISB institute provides certain services for local authorities in the field of (grassroots) sport, such as insurance packages, the promotion of swimming and public pools, neighborhood/doorstep sports activities, advisory projects … 

ISB engagements in the EU

The ISB is a partner of the European Youth Health Champions Erasmus+ Youth project.



Jeroen Vanderputte
Directeur ISB
T 03/780.91.05

De Witte

Philippe De Witte
coördinator Active Local Europe
T 0485/19.83.43

van Poppel

Marjolein van Poppel
T 03/780.91.06

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